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3 Common Home Printing Issues

Technology is supposed to make life easier but that is only true when the machines we use are working properly. Sometimes, unfortunately, the technology we rely upon can break down or experience strange issues that can make them far more inconvenient than they should be.  That means, of course, that what was supposed to improve efficiency results in something that is quite far in the opposite direction.

Take your home computer and printer, for example.  You buy this pair of machines because it is supposed to be more convenient than having to print your documents at your local library or one of those print and copy stores.  Of course, you can still enjoy the convenience of your home printer if you know how to fix some of these most common printer problems.

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Problem #1:  SLOW PRINTING

The first thing you need to know is that print speeds vary by model; and laser jets tend to be faster than inkjets.  As such, if you buy a new printer and it prints slower than your old one, there might not be a problem at all.  Still, if this is a new issue, there are a couple things you can look into.

First of all, slow printing can simply be the default setting of the printer.  Or, rather, if you have your print quality set to high density, the printer will move slowly.  If you put this on the lowest setting (typically “draft”) it will definitely speed up.

Secondly, though, if you are using a networked printer, it could be a connectivity problem.  That in mind, simply connect your printer to the computer with a hardline and it should solve the problem.


If your print jobs comes out looking a little strange it is probably an ink issue.  Spotty, inconsistent jobs or print jobs with lines running horizontally could signal that you are out of ink or that you need to clean the printer head.  If the ink cartridge is empty, of course, just replace it—but make sure you use the proper ink model as per the Printer guide.

Problem #3:  WRONG PRINTER

Sometimes you order a print job and nothing happens.  If this is your experience, make sure that you are sending the print jobs to the correct printer.  It is easy to check and change this in the printer settings of your computer.

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