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Blog Post For SEO: Perfect Mix Of Quantity And Quality

Creating a blog post is not that easy as it seems to be. You should be aware of the right word choices and proper flow of language without any grammatical mistakes for creating an attractive blog post. The main function of the blogs is to create an impressive start, which will hook up the readers as soon as they laid eyes on your blog post. If you can keep them on your post for the initial 3 to 5 seconds, then there are chances that they will read the entire post. The basic or average word count for blog post for SEO has to be 1200+, especially 1600 words to be precise, as per the report in 2013 by Medium.

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Finding optimal word count:

The content marketers and the SEO workers have always been trying to find out the exact amount of words, used for creating the blog post of perfect length for SEO purposes. These word counts will help the articles or blog posts to reach out for the top results of the search engines. One of the most talked about attribute of content has to be with its word count. People are always trying to learn more about the length of the content, which will enhances their chances of reaching out to the top of the list over here.

Quality matters too:

Just like quantity of the blog posts, quality matters a lot too. So, just to fill up 1200+ words, writing fluff and meaningless sentences won’t do you any good. A reputed content writer is not just going to check out on the word counts but also on the quality of the blog posts for attracting more readers towards the website and increases its popularity at the same time. So, keeping these thoughts in mind is rather mandatory out there.

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