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Five Web Design Trends of 2018 that are must to follow

With the speed internet and worldwide websites are changing, it is nearly impossible to keep yourself up to date with all the latest trends and advancement in the technology. However, it should not stop you from attempting to follow the trends because this is the only way to get more perks out from your old website. One of the trendiest things as far as websites are concerned, it is their designs which not only should change on the demand of the users but also for the Google so you can rank it on the top shelf of Google search engine result.

That is why being a web designer regardless of any company including web design Dubai companies, you have to be on your toes at the start of every year to know about the trends. To fulfill this need of yours, I am writing this article in which I am going to tell you about the four web design trends of 2018 that are must to follow if you want to see your developed website flourish this year too.

1.    Vibrant and Saturated Color Themes:

Those days are gone when the user doesn’t like to see any bright or vibrant colors on his screen. Now, this is the year when the only way of attracting the world towards you is through the use of colors. That is why the first trends you should include in your future web designs are vibrant colors and saturated color themes. The vibrant and saturated color themes give numerous subliminal message to the minds of the visitors. According to the web development Dubai based companies, use of vibrant colors make the audience thinks that the owner or the business behind this website is energetic and excited towards their work which is quite helpful while driving the leads and business through the website.

2.    Mobile Friendly:

Last year the aim of the most web designers is to develop the website by considering the needs of desktop users. This was due to the majority of desktop users who browse the internet. But with the dusk of 2017’s sun, the mobile users have surpassed the desktop users in terms of the internet. Now there are more people browsing the internet through their mobile devices which includes tablets and smartphones than the people who use internet from desktop PCs.

3.    Big and Bold Typography:

There was a time when the typography of the website relies on the nature of website owner’s business. But this is now not more applicable to most of the companies. Now if the typography you are using is aesthetic and pleasant to the eyes, then it is good. That is why in the recent times you would see the websites switching to the big and bold types instead of sticking to skinny ones.

4.    Integrated Animations:

At the stroke of 2015, the world-renowned software development company launched a separate software for the web designers named Adobe Animate. This is purely an animation software which can be easily integrated with any website. Due to this, the number of websites using animation on their website increased and in 2018, it is promised to increase more. So next time when you have to design any website, leave some space for the animator so he can show his skills there.

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