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How to Build a Managed WordPress Website on a Budget

Powering hundreds of millions of websites, WordPress is the most popular web hosting system in the entire online world. So popular that there are an approximate 24 posts per second! That is for a good reason, it is easy to manage, offers numerous plugins, and a fantastic support system.

The issue is, WordPress can be both expensive and confusing for some people. With so many options, it can be overwhelming to understand for those with little computer experience. Hiring professional web designers can really help.

This is where Managed WordPress comes in. This web hosting system has all the bells and whistles of WordPress, but the technical stuff, such as cPanel, is done by the host. Leaving the fun and exciting parts such as uploading your content, for you.

But what exactly IS Managed WordPress?

Check out this article, where we explain everything you need to know.

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What is Managed WordPress Web Hosting?

With over 1.5 billion websites online today, WordPress still sits at the top with a whopping 29% of those sites. Not all of these users understand how to run a website, in fact, many of them don’t. That is why numerous web hosting services now specialize in WordPress and do the technical part for you.

Technical aspects such as daily backups, speed, uptime, security, updates, and scalability are all done for you. All you have to do is focus on your awesome content and run your business.

Awesome Customer Service

One of the most awesome factors that are inclusive of Managed WordPress, is the top-notch customer service. These are world class WordPress experts at your service.

It’s basically like you are the commander, and the web hosting company are the soldiers, except that you do not have to give any orders, they know what to do already! They will update the latest plugins, and ensure your WordPress site is operating smoothly.

Great Security

One of the greatest perks of managed WordPress is that there is no cPanel! If you have ever experienced a security hack before, it was probably related to cPanel. If not managed properly, cPanel can put your computer and website at a huge risk for hacking.

Managed WordPress is basically hack-proof. There is a huge security blanket that scans all malware and viruses. This is all done for you by the hosting company.

Incredibly Easy

When your business starts to skyrocket, the last thing you want to deal with is your website. You want to put your focus and energy on the physical side of your business, such as customer service, employees, and adding high value to your company.

With managed WordPress, you do not even have to think about which plugins to use, the speed, or deal with any updates.

Make Managed WordPress Work For You

If you are a business owner, or just do not want to have to bother with all the confusing logistics of a WordPress site, then consider a managed WordPress service.

If you would like to learn any more about managed WordPress, feel free to contact us at any time. We are happy to help you build a successful WordPress website.

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