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How to Use Animoji on the iPhone X

Animoji is an animated emoji that you can create then share with your friends, or even send through a private message while chatting with someone on the phone. Apple introduced this feature with the iPhone X and many people are excited by the way it works. However, there are few who are yet to get their iPhone X who would like to know how it works. Basically, the Animoji feature relies on the Face ID facial recognition system to detect your facial expression, which is then mapped on animated 3D emoji. You can easily create and share the animated emoji with another iPhone user and here is how.

Creating the Animoji
To create the Animoji, the TrueDepth front-facing camera of the iPhone X will analyze your facial expressions then it will mirror them in many different Animoji available in the Messages app. This allows you to create an Animoji on your phone and share with someone using your smartphone, iOS device, or Mac. Below is a simple procedure to help you create the Animoji and send it.

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  • The first step is to open the Messages app or join an existing chat.
  • Tap the store icon between the camera icon and the text bar then tap the monkey Animoji to see all Animoji. It will open different Animoji, and you can choose the Animoji you prefer to animate from the list provided.
  • To see the Animoji in full screen, you need to tap it once.
  • After you have chosen an Animoji to use look straight to the phone and make sure your face falls within the frame. To begin recording tap the red record button and to stop you can tap the red square button that appears after you begin recording. Record up to 10 seconds.
  • You can preview the Animoji before you submit it using the refresh button. At this point you can also switch to a new Animoji for the same recording by tapping the Animoji you would like. If you would like to delete the Animoji, simply tap the delete icon.
  • To send, tap the blue upward-facing arrow that appears at the bottom.

How to create an Animoji sticker
You can also decorate messages with a custom Animoji sticker. Use this procedure to create an Animoji sticker.
1. Open the Messages app or continue with an existing conversation
2. Tap on the App logo between the camera logo and message box.
3. Pick an Animoji and position your face to look straight into the phone, making sure it falls within the frame.
4. Create a facial expression and hold the Animoji then drag it into the message. This will automatically send it as a sticker on the message.

How to save an Animoji
You can also save an Animoji to use later. This is simple as you only need to long press on the Animoji then swipe up. Tap save and you are done. For users of iPad and iPhone 6 or earlier, simply long press the Animoji and tap save. All animojis you save can be viewed in the Photos app.


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