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Managing changes in Behavior and Personality for Alzheimer’s patient

When suffering from Alzheimer, the brain cells tend to be damaged. With time, you may notice that your brain performs less as compared to normal individuals. This also alters the behavior of an individual.

General behavior and personality changes

You may get to notice a number of changes:-

  • Patients tend to get angry, worried and upset easily.
  • They loose interest in most of the things and get depressed.
  • They feel others are not true to them anymore.
  • They at times image different things that just do not exist.
  • They start staying away from their home.
  • They alter changes in their pace.
  • They exhibit different sexual behavior.
  • They get violent with other people.
  • They lack the feeling of understanding others.

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They just don’t pay attention to the way they look or appear. They avoid changing clothes very often or even stop taking bath daily.

Some factors affecting the normal behavior

Some other factors that may affect the behavior of these people are:-

  • They start developing a feeling of anxiety, confusion, stress and fear in most circumstances.
  • They face other problems including sleeplessness, develop pain and opt for new medications.
  • They develop conditions like thirst, hunger, infection or develop problems with sense organs like sight
  • and hearing.

The moment you log on to https://1braintraining.com/  you can get to collect more information related to Alzheimer. Such people may easily get affected by other people and noise. This condition could lead to confusion and frustration.

They may also find it difficult to step from one type of flooring to another. The moment they see the mirror image they feel that there is another person present in the room. They won’t be able to identify their own mirror image.

Tips to cope up with this problem

You need to focus on few tips that can help you cope up with such patients.

  • When speaking, ensure that you speak one word at a time. Try and make things very much simple for them.
  • Try and prepare the same routine to follow on daily basis. This will make them aware of the routine they need to follow.
  • You have to make them realize that you are willing to help them every time.
  • Try and get familiar with their feelings instead of trying and listening to the words they are speaking.
  • Avoid falling into argument with them.
  • Avoid getting frustrated or angry with them.

If you are suffering from such a disorder then you can try games to improve your memory as well.

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