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Multiple Apps To Synchronize Mac With Android For Proper Result

Proper synchronization between mac and Android can prove to be a tough job, especially if you don’t have the right tool in hand. The two platforms are well positioned by developers, who are willing to not work together directly. This result in some drastic problems and forcing third party applications to serve as a bridge between the two platforms and facilitating uninterrupted and smooth form of synchronization.

Using SyncMate:

You can always take help of SyncMate, the best app to sync Mac with Android. It is a popular and even user-friendly application and it offers complete form of hitch free sync of all sorts of personal data and files with smart non-sync options. It will transfer files for backup purposes and for synchronizing data between mac and Android apps with proper accuracy.


There are so many other apps to synchronize Mac with Android, available in the market. If SyncMate is not the one for you, you have TunesGo, to give it a try. This app is mostly used as phone manager and it is used for handling synchronization tasks. For using TunesGo effectively, it is mandatory to transfer files from Mac to Android and vice versa.

Dukto R6:

If you are looking for a miniature version of file transfer with simple interface, Dukto R6 is the option for you to work on. It can help in transferring files over LAN. It offers only one function and that is to transfer files. It supports Mac, Windows, Symbian and Android devices.

There are so many other options available in the market. Some of those are double Twist, Droid NAS and more, other than the traditional and your very own Android File transfer. You get the chance to choose anyone you like and options are gladly going to act in your favor for sure.

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