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Tech Gadgets You Need in Your Home Office

There’s nothing worse than having a boring, tech lacking home office. Tech can not only spruce up your home office but make you more productive and keep your work more secure. To help you get started in tech-ing up your home office, here are a few gadgets that you should consider.

Smart Outlet

If you feel bad about leaving the electronics in your office all week, smart outlets may be a great tech gadget to use, not only to help stop wasting energy but also cut down on bills. Belkin makes durable and affordable smart outlets that you can plug into the outlets around your office to help reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, the device allows you to schedule times to turn off your electronics, so you can avoid wasting electricity when you’re out of the office.

Smart Firewall

One of the best things about working out of a corporate office is their powerful, yet expensive, security systems used to help protect your files. Although you can purchase antivirus software for your home office, usually the protection is not nearly strong enough to ward off hackers.
In order to really protect your information, you should invest in a smart firewall, such as the CUJO Smart Internet Firewall to protect your work data. This high-tech gadget helps protect devices on your home network, keeping you and your family secure.

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Smart Pen

If you prefer to handwrite your notes over typing them, you need a smart pen. A smart pen can automatically digitize everything you write with it as you are using it. This way, you can share your notes with coworkers or easily digitize your files.

Smart Mug

Nobody likes drinking cold coffee or tea. Unfortunately, hot beverages only stay warm enough for a short period of time before they get too cold and practically undrinkable. This is why you need a smart mug for your home office. These mugs can keep your drinks at the ideal temperature from start to finish. Some of the mugs even come with their own apps that will send you a notification when the drink reaches the ideal temperature. For more information, get redirected here.

Amazon Echo

No office would be complete without a virtual assistant. One of the best virtual assistants on the market is the Amazon Alexa. Alexa can let you check the weather and traffic, schedule appointments, and order new office supplies without having to do anything. There are a few devices that are Alexa-enabled including the Echo, Echo Dot, and the new Echo Show which comes with a touchscreen.

Smart Under-Desk Elliptical

For any hard-working fitness fanatic, this device is a must. When you are stuck in your home office all day long, it can be hard to stay fit and get your steps in. However, the Cubii smart under-desk elliptical makes it easy to improve your fitness all while getting your work done. Plus, this device syncs with your fitness tracker to add in the steps you take while peddling.

Bring your home office into the 21st century with these handy smart gadgets. They will make your life easier and work more enjoyable.


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