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Three Add SnapChat to GoBinge

Three customers enjoy browsing the social media apps without being charged any data allowance alongside Netflix, SoundCloud, UKTV Play channels, Deezer and Apple Music. Three has added Snapchat to Go Binge. You can use Snapchat as much as you like without any impact on your data allowance. All customers with an Advanced Plan of 12GB or over get to enjoy it. Also, if you have a Go Binge Advanced Plan of 4GB you can get it free. The existing customers who have advanced plans can start to enjoy free Snapchat right away. For those using mobile broadband need plans of at least 15GB to use the Go Binge scheme. Go Binge can only work if you have some of the regular data allowances. If you run out of data allowance you have to buy more or refresh your data allowance.

Go Binge is simple and is linked to the SIM account you are using, therefore, you can put your SIM in any Three devices to use. Terms like voice SIM only applying to handsets have to be followed to use Go Binge.

Creation of Puggerfly

Three has come up with a Puggerfly: an exclusive reality (AR) Snappable pet for users to play with it. Just like the already used characters, the name of the added pet character is half-pug half half-butterfly. The Puggerfly usage in Snapchat represents the freedom you get with Go Binge where data is not limited. Three gives customers the freedom and fun to use snap just like other social media apps.

Since the launch, the 26th April to the 3rd May, Snap has offered its users access to the new Puggerfly to play with it. It is the first ever AR pet that Snapchat had and its launch is based on advertising campaigns of Three. The cross of the pug and butterfly is an interesting feature to use whereby you can place the Puggerfly wherever you want in AR. You play with the pet by feeding treats to it, play ball and watch it tweaking to music.

Each day you use Snapchat, you will find new Lens that will build your relationship with the AR pet over the period. This feature is the first of its kind in the market where many Lenses are used to a story driven by a character. This is a very powerful feature because each lens will show how the Puggerfly is developing from puppyfly to a grown-up Puggergly.

The Puggerfly is also unique from other pets because it is personalized depending on your username hence you do not need to be on Three to access Puggerfly. Anybody who is using Snapchat in the UK can access it even though with Go Binge you will be able to play with it longer without having to worry about your data usage.

After the 3rd May, the Puggerfly will not be available. However, if you miss the Puggerfly lenses, you can get them in media adverts via Snapcodes in Three’s advertisement campaign.

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