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Why Waterjet Cutting is Best for Your Architectural Designs

Waterjet cutting has been around for a long time. It is one of the most popular precision cutting techniques to slice metals into finished parts. To properly execute, program, and operate a water jet table requires not only skills and training but also the knowledge of using computerized systems. If you are in a line of work that needs precision cutting materials, then, perhaps, an eco-friendly tactic to employ would be water jet cutting.

We provide water jet cutting services which entail the use of a high-pressure stream water pump in the cutting or cleaning process. The cutter connects to the pressure pump with water ejected through a nozzle, which cuts the material with high-pressure water. It is most preferred due to the sensitive nature of materials to high temperatures. However, that is not the only benefit of this green technology. Here are several reasons why our services are increasingly popular among people.

i. No heating

The number one reason why water jet is preferred is that it has the ability to produce no heat. While traditional machinery requires a lot of heat, this technique does not change any properties of the product. Other methods tend to create heat-affected zones on the item’s structure and have the features altered or melted.

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ii. Precision

Water jets are the perfect example of precise cutting tools capable of an accuracy of up to the tinniest millimeters. Additionally, the waterjet method provides a burr-free finish with excellent precision, especially for steel and aluminum items. There is no need to conduct a secondary surface finishing as is in most cases with other methods.

iii. Speed

The process of cutting an item with a water jet takes little time and is very efficient. One reason for this attribute is that the set-up time of the table is short. Unlike other cutting processes, a water jet does not require re-cutting, and this saves you time and money. The process is simple, and the table can be automated to produce the parts quickly by keying in the dimensions. Furthermore, you don’t require to be an expert, unlike the traditional machinery which calls for skillful expertise.

iv. Environmentally-friendly

Water jet is the safest and most friendly technology with no impact on the environment. The process does not produce hazardous waste and achieves the safety standards set by regulatory authorities. Furthermore, water jet method prevents any unnecessary waste by reusing any scrap pieces left after the procedure. Additionally, little water is used, but it depends on the cutting head orifice size or if the water stream width is small.

A Final Thought:

There are more advantages of using a water jet cutter for your architectural designs. Whether metal, glass, or stone, this technique can be customized to enable your architectural model come out in your specified drawings and provisions without the need to worry about the nature of the material. If you feel you need additional information on water jets, feel free to seek the help of our skilled professionals for your preferred technique.

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